Have you found yourself affected by prostate cancer? US TOO!

Mission Statement

To help men diagnosed with prostate cancer to healthy productive lives by offering unbiased information, peer counseling, fellowship, and emotional support.

  • To increase public awareness of the threat of prostate cancer. To emphasize the need for men to have annual check-ups for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • To advocate for greater public and private funding for medical research into the causes of and treatments for prostate cancer.
  • To encourage open discussion about prostate cancer by men and their families. To suggest women encourage men of the need for check-ups annually or as recommended by a physician.

We are Houston's largest and oldest prostate cancer support group.

Tex US TOO is a chapter of the world's largest non-profit 501(c)(3) support group in the world. Our parent group, Us TOO International, Inc. was founded in 1990 by 5 men in the Chicago area. We have since grown into a world leader in actively promoting wide public awareness of prostate cancer. Us TOO is governed by people directly affected by prostate cancer and our mission is one of hope.

We provide a forum for sharing, caring, and learning from medical experts as well as the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and concerns with other people affected by prostate cancer. We offer a monthly meeting (except for the month of August), where medical experts speak on treatment options and developments in treating prostate cancer. While we do not offer medical advice, we also provide a platform for informal discussions where you may bring your questions about treatments and post-treatment issues.

Whether you are recently diagnosed, are currently under treatment, or wish to learn more about prostate cancer, we welcome you.

Prostate cancer is a complex disease. Start learning with us!